Today I had my first appointment with my OB. Let's call him... BOB. Well, I had SOB for Singapore Obstetrician, so why not BOB for Brisbane Obstetrician?

My cousin actually recommended me to a midwife-led birth centre. "I can just see you there," she enthused, and I was completely sucked in right up until the point where they mucked me around for over a week and eventually reduced me to tears on the phone. Then I realised - I am not a birth centre person. I can see how my cousin made the mistake, with all the drug-free birthing, babywearing, cloth nappying, extended breastfeeding and cosleeping and no-cry whatever whatever, but the truth is I don't tend to react well to that kind of womanly care. No - give me detached, scientific reasoning any day. I'm an obstetrician's girl. Also, I need to be with someone I can reliably contact, who I trust to give me correct information, and who doesn't seem to spend most of their time buckpassing, blameshifting, and just generally being mean. (And whilst I will freely admit that the actual crying was a bit over the top, and can largely be blamed on hormones, the hormones aren't going away before the pregnancy ends, so, I really need a solution which deals with that.)

The downside is that I have ruled myself out of a water birth. And you know, I would have liked to keep all options open at this stage, but there are so, so many steps between me and a water birth, from "not miscarrying tomorrow" all the way up to "actually desiring a water birth, given the choice, at the requisite and still-hypothetical moment", that it just doesn't seem worth it.

In any case, I have decided to see BOB, who is fine, even nice, is happy to do things much the same way as last time (in terms of management technique, I stress, not in terms of the actual course of events which is somewhat out of our control), was able to confirm that our risk of screenable problems is too low to make any real recommendations for further testing beyond the gross anatomy scan at 18-20 weeks, and that the baby was, as of afternoon tea time today, still alive and kicking. And then he wrote me a form for some routine blood tests - the infectious diseases profile we were going to get done at the beginning of the FET cycle, for example - and the above-mentioned gross anatomy scan, which will happen mid-September.


Last time, the twenty-week scan came around so very slowly. It took, literally, years on end, and they were long years, full of long days and long, long hours and minutes. This gross anatomy scan is coming up in slightly under a month and a half. It's going to take a little while to wrap my mind around that one. I'm not sure I even have the time left to do so. My mind may have to go into it unwrapped. (Or is it "unwrapping"?)

There are five more things I want to talk about. I am still hoping to go through the ones I can remember which still seem relevant by Sunday, so stay tuned.

P.S. 13w5d.


sharah said...

Now I am always going to picture your OB as a spiky green dinosaur (I'm stuck on Bob the Dinosaur from the Dilbert cartton strip).

And I'm totally an OB girl myself. I want someone there who can DO something in an emergency. Who was it who said that the first step in her birth plan was "everybody gets out alive -- and after that everything's negotiable"? Totally my philosophy.

Betty M said...

Oh yes - OBs all the way for me too. More than one if possible and a professor or two thrown in along the way is ideal. But like you once everyone is out and fine then bring on the crunch granola attachment parenting stuff.

Glad all still tickety boo.

Lut C. said...

Oh dear, they managed to do that in just over a week? Not great.

A birthing centre is not for me either, nor is home birthing.
I need a machine that says ping in the background. And people in white coats to pay attention to it. :-)

No Minimom said...

I'm with you. I can't get all womanly and femmed out with pregnancy. I need the cold hard facts, preferably from someone in a lab coat. Glad everything is still going well with the little one!

Vee said...

I am with you on the OB, I am glad they considered me high risk due to my age so that I could see the OB and not the midwives. I guess there is a plus side to being old ;-)

And WOW yes the time is flying!

Caro said...

Fair enough.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Waiting for the 5 other things. September does seem really soon. But did the math and it's mind-blowingly correct. I too am an OB girl. I'm with Sharah on the "everybody gets out alive" philosophy. There are wants, but that's all they are--wants.

And seriously, my word verification below is "in mel."

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