I've had them for a while. Reusable shopping bags. They're kind of cool, because they fold up into little wallet-sized parcels for ease of use. Also, they have water-wise slogans on them - very environmental.

But it's always remembering to take the damn things, isn't it? At home, they lived in the car. I got into the habit of putting them back in the car after each shopping trip. Now we have no car* (how green is that?). Nevertheless, I think I've finally done it. I've finally cultivated the habit of taking my little reusable shopping bags with me whenever I might want to duck into the grocery store on the way home**.

"You are the Earth Saver," said the woman down at our local, recognising me last week. "Where are your bags today?" And she took one and tucked a big, papery wad of glossy junk mail inside. Luckily it included some useful recipes.

Other green things I've been doing: trying to use leftover food before it goes in the bin, leaving the aircon off, using only the necessary amount of washing detergent, planting the beginnings of a potted herb garden on the windowsill, taking the stairs instead of the lift.

*Actually, the car hasn't sold yet. C'mon now, baby - mamma needs a new stim cycle and an FET.

**This was aided by the fact my reusable shopping bags are so. much. more. comfortable. to carry home.

Also! In the spirit of good deeds Katie has challenged us all to do something extravagant for someone. Worth pondering over...


ColourYourWorld said...

We always leave them at home and have to treck back to get them. I like the foldable ones very handy.

Good Luck selling the car !

beagle said...

You may have just motivated this wasteful (qausi) American (I'm technically Canadian) to use those bags. I have several (not as nice as yours).

I did however do one tiny thing this year. I took all of the cardboard from holiday shipping, wrapping, etc. and took it to a local recycling facility that accepts cardboard. (our at-home recycling takes newspaper, metal, glass and some plastics only.)

I think you're doing a great thing not only the plastic, etc that you save but I think the more people that do this the more visible it gets and it may even become trendy! My family in Germany all use the fabric bags. EVERYONE does. Here in the US we seem to like to generate trash I think.

Lut C. said...

I have several of those bags, use them regularly but not enough. Mine can't be folded into a pouch, I would really like to get one of those.
Or perhaps my mom could make one for me, she good with a sewing machine.

Carol said...

very nice. you're a better person than me. :-)

we at least ask for paper instead of plastic, and we re-use the paper bags to contain our recycling at home.

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