I'm going to go out on a limb here. There may be Something Up with my luteal phase.

Back in December when fertility friend gave me a coverline which concurred with my OPKs and secondary fertility signs, I confidently started marking off the days. Thirteen or fourteen of these, I thought, and Bob's my uncle. Which, as you all know, would have made Flo my aunt.

On the thirteenth day post ovulation - right, I thought, on cue - I started with the merest, tiniest bit of spotting. By the end of day sixteen I was almost ready to go out and buy a HPT, despite my FS's claims that if I got pregnant without either IVF or committing adultery I would be entitled - nay, obliged - to start my own religious cult. My dipping temperatures and lack of pregnancy-related signs kept my foundless hopes in check, although I did start to get excited about the possibility of cycling in January. Which I would have been able to do if my period had arrived tomorrow, instead of today. Thank goodness it didn't arrive several days ago though, or I wouldn't have been likely to completely miss my parents when I go back in February*. Perfect timing, I'd say.

Turns out I've been wasting my energy on Dr Google, because it's not polyps, or endometriosis, or an imbalance in the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis. It's just my reproductive system's idea of a great, big, fun, practical joke. Well I hope it's having a good laugh - next month, it'll get a taste of what's coming to it**.

*Just to clarify, because there were an awful lot of negatives in that sentence, this means I will probably NOT see my parents in February. If my cycle had ended several days ago, like I thought it was going to, I would probably have had a day or two with them. So yes, either yesterday or tomorrow would have been better. But hey! Anything could happen. Let's not call it til... March.

**Pu.re.gon. Bit anticlimactic, really.

Also - go play the mind game. It's not that it's fun, exactly, but it is interesting.


TeamWinks said...

That's right, show those reproductive organs who's boss! Glad you will still be able to make it in Feb. to see the parents.

Thalia said...

Sorry to hear your body is playing tricks on you. I do hate that and the day dreams it brings.

Here's to puregon and a fun trip home, despite lack of parents.

Aurelia said...

Technically, you WILL be visiting family if you cycle next month. Just not your parents, more like, potential future family...hehe.

Sanorah said...

Sometimes our bodies can be coaxed into good behavior with chocolate.... seriously!


Kris said...

Sometimes I feel like my mind is "the mom" and my reproductive organs are "the child" and the damn kid NEVER listens to her mom.

Thanks for the link to my blog-

ColourYourWorld said...

Good, glad things are timing themselves well. And nice that you get to see some family too.

Are you taking Puregon for you FET ?
Have you ever taken Pregynova ? Ahh to many drugs too many choices ?

Bea said...

Vee - yes, taking puregon for OI. I should write this down, a few have asked now. I've never taken Pregynova - that's where I draw the line. Uh, no I've just never been recommended it. I lost track of them all, sometimes.


Lut C. said...

I'm really confused now, but all will be revealed, no doubt.

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