I have heard it everywhere. Good riddance 2006. And to that I say, "Hear, hear."

And I have also heard it said (in the voice of the evil Prince Humperdink, except this time talking not to Wesley, but to a rather more abstract sense of despair), "I killed you too quickly last time - I mistake I do not mean to duplicate tonight*."

But Inner Therapist Bea says it is not a mistake to put aside your despair - it is important. It is what moves us forward. And sometimes it takes courage.

And Logical Bea says that all things, good and bad, have a certain chance of happening. In 2006 we have learned that bad things can happen to us, and that was a difficult, though important**, lesson. But if the bad things can happen, the good ones can, too. Each according to their respective probabilities. And the probabilities for us still lie in favour of success. Eventually.

Finally, I can't do better than Nica, who encourages us to remember the past, the disappointments, the grief - and hopefully the good times, too - but to set down our cup of wine afterwards and continue into the future. For the sake of Auld Lang Syne.

In cycle news: I'd like to report that so far 2007 doesn't suck. I am, for example, coming up to lunchtime on day 12po, and I'm not spotting. I'd call that a win for the home team.

In festival news: check out the latest list of participants for the upcoming International Infertility Film Festival. If you're still short of a new year's resolution, get in touch and I can put you on the list.

*Yes, off the top of my head. One day we can get together and choose parts and re-enact the whole movie verbatum from our memories just because we can.

**Important? Absolutely. Worthwhile? Yeah, well, ask me again later.


ColourYourWorld said...

"Hear, hear."

Way too many bad things in 2006 for my liking. Surely 2007 will balance that out.
Yay for no spotting ! A great start.

We live in hope.

M said...

Oh, Inner Therapist Bea & Logical Bea- you are such wise, wise women!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Bea! And that's very good news about the lack of spotting.

Stephanie said...

wise words!

Lut C. said...

Happy new year!

Josie said...

I hate spotting - it is such a tease.

I hope you continue to be spot free.

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