"It's a long way, from here to baby!
It's a long way, to go....

"Bea! Do come in! We're having a singalong!"

"Hey Hopeful, guys. A singalong? Really?"

"Yes! Absolutely! You know - something to keep our spirits up in the trenches! It's all terribly, terribly rousing!"

"I'm roused. Do I not look roused? I am, though."

"First we sung 'When Baby Comes Marching Home To Us, Hurrah! Hurrah!' then 'Pack Up Your Memories of Failure and Pain, Your Hatred of Life, and Your Uncertainty Regarding the Future In Your Old Kit Bag And Smile, Smile, Smile'! Although we couldn't quite get that one to work..."

"Well, I can see you're having fun."

"Oh, Bea! We're having just the jolliest of times!"

"Well that's great, Hopeful. Don't let me disturb you at all."

"I do hope you'll join in, Bea! Everybody - from the top, now!

"It's a long way, from here to baby!
It's a long way, to go....
It's a long way from here to baby -
But we'll get there, I know!
Goodbye, trouble-free conception!
Farewell making plans!
It's a long, long way from here to baby
But get there? Yes we can!"


Bea said...

And you know, a couple of those guys actually came home alive, too.


ColourYourWorld said...

I am joining in with Hopeful. We do survive in the end , just some days it doesn't feel that way.

StellaNova said...

Keeping up your spirits ... you'e lucky you've got Hopeful around to try it on you ... good luck.

Dramalish said...

Oh, I'm throwing my voice into the harmony.

Good luck, Bea. May your spirits, as well as your beta #s, remain high!!

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