Short Version: general Monday update, everything fine and the same, random observations.

Do you know what it feels like? It feels like The Foetus is trying to physically push his way through the cervix by bracing his legs against my ribs and diaphragm. Not gunna work, little buddy. You have to set off this whole hormone cascade and actually dilate the thing first. Trust me.


Today I saw SOB and everything is still fine, although I got that feeling again where... well, before he palpates my abdomen he rubs his hands together vigorously to warm them so I don't get a shock when he touches my bare skin, which is all very good and professional and everything, but as I lie there watching him do this, him towering over the exam table, I just can't help but expect him to throw his head back and cry, "Bwahahahaha ha haaaa!" It's a mite disconcerting.


Today, SOB signed off on my birth plan. I know! First labour, and I have a birth plan. How cute! The thing is, though, we're giving birth in a foreign country, with its own cultural practices, and no-one, including SOB, is inclined to wait until I'm 7cm dilated to have an argument over my fong.


People keep commanding me to be things. "You're so close! You must be excited/nervous/impatient/etc!" At this stage, I find I'm neither excited nor scared. I'd describe myself as quietly waiting to see how it turns out. It seems infertility beat my sense of anticipation into such a pulp it has not yet recovered. As for patience - we've waited this long, another couple of weeks seems easily doable. I'll get back to you on all these. They may change.


I've also been asked if we're ready. I'm never very sure how to answer. The best I can do is tell you that, give or take a cot, a carseat, and a cute little cloth nappy stash, we're about as ready as we've been for several years. Which is to say ready enough, I hope.


New pictures up on our picture site. Email me if you want to see and can't.


Jackie said...

Hey, I don't know about you, but I've been eliminating my fong on a daily basis!
It's so funny to hear you describe what you are feeling and at almost everything I can smile and say I felt that too! I hope your labor and delivery is a breeze and that the prelabor contractions work hard on your cervix!

TeamWinks said...

So, you are or aren't adhering to the fong ritual? Sorry my head is fuzzy these days.

Samantha said...

I like the image of your SOB standing over you, rubbing his hands!

Rachel Inbar said...

I didn't realize your due date was so soon :-) I felt the same way with Yirmi (that I could wait it out) but everyone around me was going nuts... You sound amazingly calm :-)

snowhite said...

Hey Bea,

I am getting excited for you!

I was in a similar mindset as you are until my boy was a week late. Then I was really ready for his to arrive.

I'll keep checking daily ;-)

Caro said...

I know what you mean about being told to "be" stuff and the bracing against the ribs thing too.

Good luck.

Barb said...

I read the Fong thing. ACK! That's all I have to say about that. There's no way many women in the US COULD do it since many (like my sister) don't even get ANY maternity leave.

The pushing against the cervix thing sounds quite unpleasant, but you made me laugh anyway. :)

Thanks for the comments on my blog. It makes me feel good to know that others appreciate something so personal and important to me.

Kir said...

The visual of your dr is not cool. ACK!
I felt the same way you do now , between the IF and the pre-term labor and the bed rest etc, it was hard to drum up feelings of "excited" or "fear" etc. When my water broke I was in denial until the next day, when I went to see my sons in the NICU..I swear, IF made me numb.
So whatever you feel is good, normal and totally YOU.
I'm just glad that it's getting close enough for us to ask you how you're feeling. you know?

Anonymous said...

You conquered infertility; don't let a fong stand in your way.

I'm sorry folks have high expectations about what you should or should not feel. From the sounds of it, you're feeling a lot of kicking and shoving, and that sounds good to me. :)

Betty M said...

Hmm - having my ma and pa come and cook for me for a month I could take actually would positively like but no showers - yukk.

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of a fong before. I could never do it. And for Mr. Bea's sake, I hope you will at least shower.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

I have fallen in love with the word if not the idea of Fong.

Mel said...

Those pics are really beautiful. You look so radiant.

Lut C. said...

Quietly waiting sounds good.

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