Short Version: perhaps you'd call it nesting, but I think it's more accurate to call it hoarding.

"Check out our freezer," I said to Mr Bea. "It's half-full of frozen food, and the other half is coming soon."

"Excellent thinking."

"Then I had a sudden urge to stock up on toilet paper."

"Well, we do have a lot of guests arriving, that's for sure*. And we don't want to run out of toilet paper."

"I've also started hoarding beer."


"You don't seem pleased. I thought you'd be pleased about the beer."

"Beer is pleasing, I'm just not too keen on the picture I'm getting in my mind of my nearly-nine-month-pregnant wife struggling uphill from the shops to our apartment with her little grocery cart chock-full of beer, whilst the neighbours stand around and tut and whisper behind their hands about how I probably beat you when I'm sober."

"I didn't see any tutting or whispering."

"Nevertheless. Maybe you should leave the beer-hoarding to me."

*We are booked solid with guests during May and June. I also have my uni exams somewhere in there. And something else might be happening... what is it...? Oh yeah. We will probably be taking care of a newborn. If you don't really hear from me until July, you'll know why.

P.S. If you were in Australia last night, or for some reason had access to Australian news, you might have noticed that my clexane video from IVF Shoot 'Em Up made a news montage about the recall of said drug. My belly was on national news! Cheers for the head's up, Jules.


Jess said...

Hahahahahaha!! I LOVE the picture of you with the beer!! I can see it so clearly in my head! :)

I'm so super excited for you. Really, I am.

Anonymous said...

Well, I do hope we will hear from you if anything exciting happens, like, you know, you give birth!!

Samantha said...

That's great for making the national news!

My husband has a hoarding instinct, even though he has no good excuse. It's a good thing we had a four month notice that we're moving, because that's how long it's taking us to eat through all of the food in the pantry.

MLO said...

Dang girl! My DH hoards Mountain Dew. I hoard everything else.

Caro said...

Stocking the freezer - that's a good idea.

ColourYourWorld said...

Thanks for the chuckle. I can just picture you with a trolley full of bear.

Oh I missed the news last night. But I can watch re runs on IVF Shoot 'Em up. ;)

TeamWinks said...

So now you're a huge television star too? Wooooowww! :-)

Hoarding on the home stretch. I guess stranger things have happened!

Jackie said...

You made me laugh so hard with this post!
I keep stocking the freezer (who can cook in this state?) and then we keep draining its contents. I think I have yet to reach the steady state where Kin is greater than Kout.

Not on Fire said...

That was great. What a great idea the IVF shootup website is!

Lut C. said...

Eyebrow goes up. Eyebrow goes down. Eyebrow goes up. Eyebrow goes down.

Guests AND exams AND newborn. Really?
I think I spent the first month with newborn mostly in bed. I hardly managed blogging. Of course, I had no pressing need to exert my brain. Motivation can do wonders.

Anonymous said...

You have a great figure; I'm sure your belly looked good on the news. (And, hey, be glad it wasn't footage of you buying beer with a nearly-term belly.)

m said...

You know, I would pay good money for a photo of you with your trolley of beer!

(Can't believe I missed the news!)


Barb said...

Wow! Cool! Your Dh sounds like a riot.

Carly said...

I knew it!!!! I knew it was your belly & voice on the news!! I was just screeching "oh that video is Bea on youtube" when it was over!!! How funny. You'd think they would've asked for permission though...

Please post some baby pics ASAP so we can gush over the little boy. I can't believe you are due now.

PS, please post belly pics too. I love those.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Go Bea's belly!

I agree that the image of you lugging beer home with the enormous belly is amusing.

Anonymous said...

WOW, 39 weeks already! where does the time fly?

Nearly there yourself, good luck :)


MrsSpock said...

Wow, your body is famous!

I too have started hoarding, but mostly food. I like to think my appetite has been increasing in anticipation of BF, and not because I've become a big lazy cow.

ak1908 said...

I'm getting so excited for you!!!! I know I haven't commented in a while, but I have been reading when I can between taking care of the twins.

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