I've given away the stuff we don't want, and stored the stuff we rarely use, and watched them pack the stuff we'd prefer not to do without. Now I sit, looking at the stuff I need.

A bowl. A spoon. A cup. A pair of chopsticks.
Sandwich ingredients.
Somewhere to lay my head.
My purse.
A towel and a dishcloth.
Soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturiser.
Half a suitcase of clothes -
Food, shelter and health.

And human-ness:
Devices for communication.
My dog.
The memories I'm trying to drink in, desperately and in vain.

It's not much, you know. Not much at all. Just the things worth clinging to, when everything else is gone.

*A removalist term I have learned. Removal and uplift - means they came today and packed and took away all the stuff for shipping. I also like the name - sounds like it means something good.

Four more sleeps til Fly Day.


ColourYourWorld said...

I suppose they are really all the important things and everything else is an added bonus.
It just seems so hard to live without the added bonus's sometimes.

Good luck Bea !

StellaNova said...

Wow! It's come around so quickly! I hope the move goes well for you. Fertility aside, it's actually a very exciting thing to be undertaking. I don't think I could make choices about what to pack and what to keep ... I'm too attached to all of my possessions. Maybe it would be quite liberating?

Bea said...

Vee - just to be clear, I'm silently adding "children" under "human-ness" - unfortunately still part of our "hopes and dreams" at this point.

Stella - yes, quite liberating. But then again, only people with a lot of stuff in storage and a proper household income have the luxury of feeling "liberated" rather than "destitute".

Nice to realise where your priorities are, and what you can stand to lose to achieve them, though.


Lut C. said...

Scary and exciting at the same time I bet. I hope the move goes without a hitch.

beagle said...

Wow, this is really moving along. Great post. Good Luck with your move!

Anonymous said...

I remember moving to the other side of the country 3.5 years ago and the mix of emotions. Excitement, dread, sadness- so many things to comprehend....

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