Ok, you might have to click and enlarge to see the "with crunchy aloe vera bits!" green splodge label properly.

I'd also like to take this chance to apologise to anyone whose blog I haven't commented on lately but should have. My litany of excuses goes like this:

First, my laptop stopped connecting to the internet. This makes it very hard to keep up because Mr Bea's laptop doesn't know who you all are. Especially difficult if I have started reading you recently, or if you have requested not to be listed on my blogroll. I am assured my laptop will be made to connect to the internet once we have our own broadband account which we are in charge of (instead of using various wireless points). Should hopefully happen next week sometime.

Secondly! I am having trouble commenting even if I can read your blog. Typepad is giving me the most trouble, although this is not 100% consistent and everything from blogger to wordpress has bitten me in the arse. If I don't have your email address, just pretend I said something far wiser than you could ever have imagined and that all your problems are now solved. Because that's how I wish it went in real life.

If it makes you feel any better, my mobile's giving me trouble too. The world is trying to silence me. It must think I talk to much.

Litany ends.


Jules said...

MMM, crunchy aloe vera bits. Where can I get some.

ColourYourWorld said...

Seriously I would like to try some of that.
That is what I love about travelling all the and wonderful foods and beverages to sample, especially in the Asian countries.

I hope you get connected soon.

Bea said...

They've somehow managed to get them crunchy *and slimy* at the same time.

It's a feat.


noela said...

LOL -- "crunchy aloe vera bits"!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE foreign packaging!

I actually go to the giant Asian supermarket sometimes just for a laugh..... Okay, I don't really, but I do laugh while I'm there......

Although, I suppose you already know that aloe vera juice is very good for you? Perhaps its magical crunchiness/slimy-ness will be the answer to all your fertility woes! ;)

I wish it was so!

And I hope your internet woes are fixed soon! That is very frustrating -- I would go crazy without my internet connection now!


Lut C. said...

Aloe Vera? Does it taste like moisturizer?

Tsk, tsk. Don't you have a feed aggregator account yet? Google Reader, Bloglines, Yahoo watchamacallit?

Anonymous said...

Crunchy aloe vera bits - this sounds very disturbing to me. You say they are crunchy and slimy at the same time, but how does the juice taste? Drinkable?

C said...

Aloe vera *bits*? In juice? I'm officially very, very afraid.

Bea said...

It's actually very drinkable. Just like orange juice, except with a crunchy-and-at-the-same-time-slimy bit every now and then.


ColourYourWorld said...

Thanks bea for your offer.

Some how I don't think it would taste the same outside its country of orgin. Like cooking up deep friend locusts at home, I can't imagine it lol. It is more about the whole experience.

Enjoy your sampling !

beagle said...

Glad you're settling in!

I get your comments on my notification thingy but then they don't show up in the comments section for anyone else to see even though I "approve" them. Who knows, technology is imperfect?? Anyway, wanted to let you know I am getting them and I am grateful!

I'd fix this if I had a clue.

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