I went to meet SOB this week. In a taxi. I mean I went in a taxi, not that I met him in a taxi. That would have been weird. Imagine doing a full gynaecological exam in a taxi. Actually, don't, sorry, I apologise for even suggesting it. Anyway, I got into this taxi and asked to go to such-and-such medical centre please, and the taximan said sure and pulled away from the curb and around the corner.

"You know," he said conversationally, once we'd got going, "in Singapore each different hospital has its own speciality. If you have kidney trouble, you go to the X hospital. If maybe something wrong with your heart, you go to Y hospital. But when a woman gets into my taxi and ask to go to such-and-such medical centre, must be very careful. Maybe just go for checkup, or have some woman's problem, or to visit a friend in maternity. I have one child, a daughter, she's twenty-four, she said to me, 'Baba, just because a woman is going to such-and-such medical centre in your taxi, you should not take for granted you can tell her congratulations.'"

"What a wise young woman," I replied.

"So..." he continued, looking sideways at my abdominal region.



On beta day I'm going to catch public transport.

SOB was recommended to be by a midwife who frequents expat boards giving advice on the Singaporean OB/GYN system to those who need to know. She posts messages about parent support groups, OBs who are ok with home births, which hospital to go to for which prenatal test, and who to see if you want to discuss the fact that you haven't fallen pregnant yet. She seems to know everyone involved in the reproductive industry, from confinement nurses to embryologists. And she's forever urging people to feel free to contact her by email if they need more information. So I did. I gave her specific instructions on what I wanted SOB's role to be, and she replied and gave me the name of a doctor she thought would fit well. And then she gave me her phone number because as an Australian expat and former IVF/ICSI patient, she wanted to offer to listen if I wanted to talk.

My heart overflows with the milk of human kindness. And maybe there's bit of "once a Stirrup Queen..."

The appointment itself went well. SOB is used to working with fertility patients, and is happy to test according to the schedule I'm used to. He's also happy to order extra testing in case of freak-outs and can get me my beta results within hours, six days a week. The nursing and reception staff were efficient and helpful, and the whole thing gave me a feeling of confidence, which is handy, because Mr Bea's still set on the idea of delivering in Singapore, should the opportunity present itself. Romantic that he is, he doesn't want to miss out. Of course, before we can have that argument, we need something to miss out on.

One week til fly day.


ColourYourWorld said...

That is great that everything is running smoothly on that end and you seem to have the support network you need.

Ooh one week till fly day, exciting !, I may have to log in from the hotel internet cafe just to check on how things are going ;)

Good luck !

Serenity said...

The image of doing a full exam in a taxi is actually pretty interesting... provided you don't hit any bumps. :)

Glad that your appointment with SOB went well - it's good to feel like a place is efficient and will give you the service you need.

I swear that after working with my RE's office I'll never be able to go back to another doctor's office again. I have been tremendously spoiled.

Yay almost fly day!!! :)

ColourYourWorld said...

ps. That taxi driver needs to be educated !

Bea said...

Vee - actually I thought he did pretty ok. He could have just jumped right in without the preamble. Of course, he could also have minded his own business... but I was in a good mood that morning, so.


Mel said...

So exciting, only a week to go.

Baby Blues said...

The taxi drivers in Singapore are conversationalists! Once you enter their cab, they size you up, start a conversation, talking about their lives and comment on just about anything! But they mean well, they're really just trying to be nice and friendly, which I find amusing.

Good luck! Getting excited for you.

Mandy said...

Exciting times, Bea. I find that having a good "SOB" if you will, is half the journey travelled. It may be quite a story for the kids one day... "... and you were born in a Singaporean taxi dear!"

Jules said...

You'll be here in a week... it's all happening so quickly.

Lut C. said...

Good response to the taxi-man's tale.

And, in good hands on both sides of the ocean, that's great. :-)

Lollipop Goldstein said...

I'm glad things went so well with SOB. One week!

Anonymous said...

You could always take a taxi on beta day if you said you were going to the place across the street from the hospital.

One week till fly day - counting it down with you!

GLouise said...

I am glad you received a good referral to a good SOB! ;-)

Had to laugh at the taxi story. A little nosy, huh?
I tend to think that some taxi drivers a bit like hairdressers? They try to hear everyone's personal story? :-)

TeamWinks said...

I would rather have somebody talk open and honest, instead of just silently assume something. The driver sounds like he did a good job. Hats off to him. He's a guy, and guys typically say things wrong. No offense to the fellas.

7 days to go!!! Counting 'em with you!

JW said...

Hey Bea! It sounds like a taxi ride in Singapore can be like a visit to the bartender or shrink. Good on him for being tactful and not just "assuming" anything though!

Good on the good deeds doing too! (does that make any sense AT ALL?)I'm gonna add that link to my site as well if you don't mind...

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