1. You know that extra boost of confidence and certain "feelgood" factor you get from wearing your fancy pants? You know - the expensive lacy ones with the matching bra? Well, feel free to go for that on lap day, but make sure you take along some wet wipes and a substantial pad for afterwards, especially if they're cream or white in colour.

2. If your mum says it's no trouble to remove all the craft supplies from on top of your old bed, or if your sister offers you hers because she's staying at the boy's house tonight - even though she didn't clarify whether or not this offer extended to the dog - don't decide to doss down on a mattress on the floor somewhere. Trust me. You'll find out when you have to stand all that way up in the morning.

3. The following are, to a greater or lesser degree, acceptable recovery viewing: How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days, Hitch, Lucky Break, Chain Of Fools, Tin Men, Ocean's Twelve, Human Nature, The Big Lebowski.

4. If you get a feeling, on leaving your your parents' house to return home, of having left something important behind - check your toothbrush. Toothbrush, my dear.

5. If they find nothing wrong, that's good. It's just good.

6. Having laparoscopies doesn't make your tax return or removalists' insurance evaluation paperwork go away.


ColourYourWorld said...

Thanks for the tips.

Max and I took my niece to see "Little Miss Sunshine" last night. If you are feeling up to it I recommend it , it is a good light hearted comedy.

I hope your recovery doesn't drag on. Always nice to be in the comfort of your own bed.

Bea said...

I've been meaning to see that!


Anonymous said...

How am I going to avoid those taxes then?!
Love love love Big Lebowski!

StellaNova said...

Hope you're enjoying the films. It sounds like just about everything you don't have, I do! Awesomely glad to hear that you won't be needing any further procedures (for any of that stuff anyway). I think I love your Mum even more now.:)

Hopeful Mother said...


I hope your recovery is going well. I am really happy to hear that there was "nothing to see there!"

Best wishes!

Unknown said...

HA! Good to know. And I agree that the matching bra and panty trick is a wonderful way to feel pretty. Although that feeling may be short lived as most of the pretty lacy things are itchy and uncomfortable. Hard to feel sexy when you're scratchin all the funny places!

Serenity said...

LOL! Love the advice - and the Big Lebowski.

I am SO heartened to hear that they didn't find anything. SO happy about that.

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