We got back in last night, albeit without internet access.

I am buggered. Absolutely buggered. Thirty-seven weeks pregnant in the middle of summer is not the time I'd recommend to move house twice within the space of a week. In fact, moving house twice within the space of one week is insane under most circumstances. Nevertheless, it has all been good, the flood did not actually reach us after all, I am overwhelmed at the amount of support we received, and we are probably three quarters of the way towards putting it all back together again. Then we really must start getting ready for this baby.

Despite everything, I actually feel as if, personally, I've had a good week. Others obviously not so lucky... but as far as our four (thankfully flood-free) walls are concerned, the care we've been shown far outweighs the inconvenience we've experienced.

I have not been able to read blogs much these last few days. Please update me! Whilst I shower and crash into bed.


Serenity said...

I'm glad you're okay and things are good. Rest up - sounds like it's been really stressful.

My update: My ovaries still got it. Today's ultrasound showed 18 follicles that were, according to the tech "all big." I saw numbers with 19 and 20mm on them. Hoping I'll trigger today.

Oh, and this part of a cycle sucks. I had forgotten how much.

Otherwise not much else going on. :)


Kir said...

so glad you are safe and sound (even if you are miserable , tired and overwhelmed) just take care of yourself and PB this week..ok?

nothing is going on here. NOTHING>

Lut C. said...

To thaw or not to thaw (and survive) that's still the question.
I presume we'll know next week.

Glad to hear you're ok.

Betty M said...

So glAd you are home and dry!

Summer said...

Good to hear that you are home and that the waters didn't reach you!

SassyMama said...

So glad to hear the flood waters didn't reach you. Thinking about all of you down there...

ColourYourWorld said...

Very happy everyone is safe and dry.
Rest up and look after yourself.

Nearlydawn said...

I soooo hope that this really is the final flood diary installment - I really think you have been through more than enough, given your current state. :) Then again, as you said, it could have easily been sooooo much worse. I'm sure there are other 37 weekers out there that would love to simply be able to unpack their house and be back to "mostly" normal. Man.

You guys are so lucky, and I'm loving that you are being so cool about it all, allbeit exhausted.

Somewhat Ordinary said...

I'm so glad that things are ok for your family. I am just getting around to catching up on blogs from last week since M had strep throat so I'm sorry I missed all of this.

Wow, 37 weeks already!

MrsSpock said...

Wow- I totally missed this! If I had to move house now, I would scream.

35 weeks, twice weekly NSTs that have all been passed, no baby furniture or room ready yet, but feeling very laid back this time. Cloth diapers ready, newborn clothes washed, pack n play being borrowed this weekend, car seat pulled out from basement, bottles washed and formula bought, and hey- what else do you need?

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