It's become clear that doing all those lists at once is pretty exhausting. So here they are, in chapters.

1. Parent (you're going to be hearing this one a lot round this little blogging group, folks).

2. Busk - some sort of horribly earnest self-composition about how angry and unfulfilled I am being middle class. And infertile.

3. Find a job I like - maybe parenting?

4. Live for several years in an Eastern Asian country (see - that one wasn't about having babies at all).

5. Volunteer for a role in some overseas aid organisation, and, like, help people whilst exploring new cultures and stuff.

6. Um... be a grandparent?

7. Become a real live creator of... something creative. Like the author of a play, or the director of a short film. Something that gets seen by strangers. Blog doesn't count. Sorry - you guys aren't strange enough.

8. And! Visit Antarctica. If you wait several posts you'll see why I just thought of this one.

Oh! And P.S. If you're wondering what all this is about, ask Meg. She'll tell you.

One Comment

ColourYourWorld said...

Think big ! Think feature films !

Aren't strange enough I think I am becoming stranger everyday, isn't infertilty strange ?

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